Welcome to the website of the Development Bank of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The BiH Federation Development Bank is a financial institution with a task to implement the FBiH Government economic policies to foster economic development and employment thru stimulating loans with stimulating and differentiated interest rates lower than commercial interest rates.

The FBiH Development Bank was established in accordance with the Law on Development Bank of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH Official Gazette No. 37/08), and started its operations on 1 July, 2008, as a legal successor of the FBiH Investment Bank which had been operating since 1997 with 109 employees. The establishment of the FBiH Development Bank, apart from the existing commercial banking, has become an imperative on the path to faster and more sustainable economic Federation rehabilitation and development. The FBiH Development Bank is one of the key mechanisms in the implementation of the projects essential for the FBiH and BiH, in line with the balancing of the structural and regional principle, harmonized economic development, especially in the fields with no commercial banks’ interest (i.e. infrastructure, water supply, environment etc.), as well as the fields possible to realize only with mid and long term loans with development-oriented interest rates. The FBiH Development Bank shall finance the small and middle size enterprise under the most favorable conditions with special credit lines.

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