Within its mandate and in line with the set goals, the FBIH Development Bank supports a systematic, sustainable and proportional economic and social Federation development, in accordance with the overall strategic Federation goals, financial and social ones in particular.

While implementing the Federation financial goals, the Bank shall finance the Federation economic rehabilitation and development; greater employment opportunities; economic infrastructure; agriculture development; rural areas development; building of modern agro-tourism households; rural areas tourism development and shall support greater export.

Within the efforts to meet the overall social Federation goals, the Bank shall support the education improvement; new technologies introduction; small and midsized entrepreneurship development; environment improvements; integrated market and domestic product chains establishment; shall encourage the international promotion of the Federation development opportunities; shall ensure Federation goods and service export preventing non-commercial risks while taking into consideration a harmonized Federation Cantons’ development.

In accordance with the FBiH Law on the Development Bank, the sources of assets of Bank business are the resources of the FBiH Budget, the resources made out of privatization process and resources received from international financial institutions and funds creditors where the FBiH acts either as a borrower or guarantor.

On behalf of the Federation, the Bank manages local and foreign funds aimed at financing development projects in the FBiH.

The loans granted; guarantees issued and other activities are provided by the Bank in a common banking fashion. The Bank reduces its business risks to the most possible extent, recognizing the overall banking principles.

What can we offer you?

  • long-term loans for investments

  • long and short-term loans for working capital

  • loans for financing export activities conducted

  • conducting payment operations in the country and abroad

  • guarantee operations in the country and abroad
    ..and all the above with

  • favorable interest rates

  • active approach towards your company’s busines