Bank Management consists of the Assembly, the Supervisory Board, the Managing Board and the Auditing Board.

The Assembly

The Bank’s Assembly consists of the Government of the Federation of BiH, and the Prime Minister is an “ex officio” Assembly Chairman. The Assembly makes decisions on issues determined by the Bank Law and the Bank Statue.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of 7 members, including the President. Members are nominated and acquitted of duty by the Assembly following the proposal of the Minister of Finance of the Federation of BiH in accordance with the law. The President and Supervisory Board members are appointed simultaneously with a five-year office term.

Managing Board

The Managing Board organizes and manages Bank's business, managed by the President, the Vice President and the Executive Directors. The President, the Vice President and the Executive Directors are appointed and acquitted of duty by the Supervisory Board, and positions are advertised buy the job vacancy public announcement in accordance with the Constitutional provisions of equal proportional representation of constituent people.

The President and the Vice President Office terms last for four years and can be renewed only once.

Executive Directors are appointed and acquitted of duty by the Managing Board, following the proposal of the President of the Managing Board for the duration of President's office term.

Members of the Managing Board:

Semir Fejzic, Acting President
Dalibor Milinkovic, Acting Executive Director for Projects and Development
Mersiha Slipicevic, Acting Executive Director for Risk Management
Senija Bubic, Acting Executive Director for Business Support Services

Auditing Board

Auditing Board of the Bank is appointed and dismissed by the Supervisory Board. The Auditing Board is composed of the Chairman and four members appointed at the same time for a period of four years. The same person may be appointed chairman or member of the Audit Board for the most two consecutive times.