Development Bank of the Federation of B&H

Igmanska 1
71000 Sarajevo BiH

Tel: +387 33 724 900


Bank Management

Bank management bodies are: Assembly, Supervisory Board, Managing Board and Auditing Board.


The Bank’s Assembly consists of the Federation Government and the Federation Prime Minster is ex officio Assembly Chairman. The Assembly deals with all the issues as stipulated by the law and Bank Statute.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of 7 members, including President. The members are nominated and acquitted of duty by the Assembl, following the proposal of the Minister of Finance, in accordance with the law. President and Supervisory Board members are appointed simultaneously with a five-year mandate.

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Igor Živko, President
Božo Vukoja, Member
Zvonko Landeka, Member
Asim Omanić, Member
Amir Avdić, Member
Semir Fejzić, Member
Mersiha Slipičević, Member

Managing Board

The Managing Board is to organize and manage Bank’s business activities and its members are president, vice president and executive directors. President, vice president and executive directors are appointed and acquitted of duty by Supervisory Board thru a public competition in accordance with the Constitution stipulations on proportional representation of the constituent peoples.

The president and vice president mandate is four years and may be renewed once.

Executive directors are appointed and acquitted of duty following the Managing Board President proposal for the duration of the President’s appointment.

Members of the Managing Board:

Salko Selman, President
Marijan Oršolić, Vice president
             , Executive Director
              , Executive Director 

Auditing Board

The Auditing Board members are appointed and acquitted of duty by Supervisory Board. Its members are president and four co-members appointed simultaneously for a four-year period. An individual may be appointed a president or a member no more than twice consecutively.

Members of the Auditing Board:

Drago Novaković, President
Fatima Obhođaš, Vice president
Haladin Salihović, Member
Dželmina Huremović, Member
Suada Isaković, Memeber